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Native American flute making is a fine art. The very best flutes can only be made with the very best wood. Our flute blanks are 100% clear of all defects. If you are looking for flute blanks to make Native American Flutes, you have found the right place. We have Aromatic Red Cedar flute blanks, Walnut flute blanks, Cherry flute blanks and Sassafras flute blanks. These blanks come in several different sizes. Our flute blanks are dry, and are guaranteed to be free and clear of all defects. There are no knots, pin knots, cracks, surface cracks, end checks, ingrown bark, rotten spots or any other defects in these flute blanks. We sell to some of the top Native American flute makers in the US and we are very proud of our products. We Believe that we have the very best flute blanks at the very best prices



Cedar Flute Blanks


Cherry Flute Blanks


Sassafras Flute Blanks


Walnut Flute Blanks